Oxidative Stress Test

Free Radical and Antioxidant Testing

Oxidative stress (toxins) is not a disease but a negative condition which can lead to or accelerate hundreds of conditions and pathologies. Powerful and accumulating evidence and scientific literature demonstrates that a proper balance between free radicals (toxins) and antioxidants is involved in maintaining health, wellness and longevity and an alteration can result in and accelerate disorders and diseases including:
inflammation, food allergy and intolerance, ageing, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, sports injury and performance, arthritis, respiratory disease, kidney disorders, gout, diabetes and many more...

Oxidative stress testing is widely employed as a de-tox test in institutes and clinics, to improve patient care in cases of food allergy and intolerance, and to reduce the progress of ageing.
In the sports field, the FORT and FORD test are employed to adjust training sessions and balance training and rest as well as reduce the rate of injury of athletes and sportsmen/women alike.
The FORD and FORT are unique tests developed by the Catellani group with thousands of users around the world and over 300 scientific papers.

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